Celebrating the planters

Every year a wave of wilderness athletes wash over deforested lands planting millions of trees, leaving new forests in their wake. Many have made forest making their life’s work. We celebrate tree-planters everywhere, especially those who continually return, becoming masters of reforestation, such as the ‘millionaires‘, planters who have planted over a million trees with their strong hands. Check out the Brinkman Millionaire's Club to see who has planted over a million trees for our planet. 

In 2010, Brinkman planters planted their one billionth tree, now in 2015 we will hit 1.25 billion. We celebrate all those who have contributed energy, commitment, and passion to reforesting the Earth, which restores the ecosystem, our future and ourselves.

This site welcomes planters, gives access to tree planting jobs, and provides information about why we’re planting trees, how we do it, and our perspectives on the environment. Check out our company website brinkmanreforestation.ca for more information on Brinkman and our history reforesting Canada.