Video: Joyce Murray on Planting Trees

Joyce Murray speaking at Liberal Leadership Debates

Joyce Murray, co-founder of Brinkman & Associates, is a candidate for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. In the third Liberal Leadership Debate, the subject of planting trees came up several times, leading to several heated exchanges and some intense crowd response. Then-candidate George Takash was booed by the audience for mocking the job as somehow “unserious”.

So what is tree planting really like? Joyce started in 1975, and over the next 25 years she built a thriving business that has employed many thousands of Canadians. In this video she talks about what tree-planting means to her and how it has shaped her environmental vision. She also describes the recurring dreams that plague many planters, in which they have to plant trees in linoleum, concrete, and other strange and difficult locations.

Joyce has personally planted more than 500,000 trees in her life.


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