Brinkman has been successfully operating in Alberta for years in a variety of silviculture activities. This extensive experience helps us efficiently tackle the varied conditions of the Alberta landscape. From flat ground and trenches to high-lead slopes; from gumbo to heli access, we have seen it all. Our supervisors and staff are always able to mitigate the project’s complexities for their planters – which keeps productivity and earnings high.

Most of the work we complete in Alberta is direct award – and in these trying times has not been subject to competitive bidding (and therefore the necessary lowering of payouts to our planters). Our industry-leading reputation and wide access to the market provide premium prices and a long steady season to our employees. In most cases, our payouts have increased over last years. Planter earnings remain a top priority (along with safety) for Brinkman, and we are proud of our high payouts and high earnings.

The main planting season runs from May until the end of July in Alberta. You must be available to work the entire season – particularly if you are inexperienced. Our crews are typically comprised of 80-90% experienced planters – and highly experienced staff.

All our Alberta projects are within three hours of Edmonton. Whether in the foothills or on flat ground – the Miette Hot Springs and Jasper are just a short drive away from all. We have lots of trees, great clients, experienced planters, and amazing staff to make your Alberta experience a very lucrative, safe, and fun time. If you are ready for a really long season (it always seems to be a few days longer than people can handle), in great camps, apply now!

For more information about working in Alberta please contact:

Attn: Judi Tetro
Eastern Operations Manager

Project Managers

Brian_Bullock_.jpgBrian Bullock – has been in the tree planting industry for over 25 years – and with Brinkman for most of those years. While Brian works for 3 months every year in our Alberta operations (May, June and July), he also rounds out the shoulder seasons working on the coast of British Columbia. This wide range of experience (and 6 month season in the bush every year) has made Brian an expert on difficult access, challenging terrain, and maintaining his planter’s high production and earnings when things become interesting. Many people on Brian’s crew are lucky enough to be with him all season, and work for about 6 months of the year; but many others join him only for the Alberta season. In Alberta, Brian typically works for at least 55 planting days, and his planters make excellent earnings. Brian works with a calm professionalism, and it’s hard to throw him off his game. His projects are smooth and safe, and he keeps the camp running in top shape.

Mike_Preistap.jpgMike Priestap  – has worked on many licenses across Alberta and British Columbia. He had his start as a tree planter and tree runner – which gave him a good foundation for efficient logistics. As a project manager, Mike runs an excellent show – and is a big personality in camp to keep up with. Mike still works on the BC coast when he is not a project manager in Alberta, and continues to hone his skills of dealing with intense logistics and changing situations. People love working with Mike, and he has an awesome and highly experienced staff that accentuate his gift at the helm.

Lumi.jpgLumi Faucher – will be running a camp in Alberta this year. Lumi is a friend to all and runs an incredible show. He always has a tight grip on the numbers and the details – and everyone seems to want to be in his camp. He has over ten years as a logistics master and makes sure everything runs smoothly. He will be working in the interior of BC from the start of May until ~June 20th, when his stellar crew then heads to Alberta to work the remainder of June and July. Get ready to pound!