BC Interior


The Interior

Our BC interior work is composed of mostly direct award projects we have been planting in previous years.

While the bulk of our BC Interior work occurs between April 20th and June 25th, we do have a number of summer plants running until mid or late July, as well as lots of summer work in Alberta.

For more information about working in the BC interior contact:



Attn: Matt Robertson           

BC Interior Regional Manager


Project Managers

morebrian.jpgBrian Beaudry – After Brian's crew is finished their BC coastal work they move to the Southern Cariboo for the interior season from the first week of May until early July. His interior is all tent camping on long held direct award contracts in the Kamloops Barrier area. Brian and his staff have an excellent contract with high planter return rates, great camp life and solid earnings.

Brian_Bullock_.jpgBrian Bullock – Brian starts on the coast with a small crew before moving to Clearwater for May, June, and July. The work is direct award, tent camp and well paid. Brian’s interior camp consists of about 50 planters with a high percentage of coastal/ technical experience. With Brian’s excellent organizational skills, no camp moves and good earnings, it is a great choice for the planter who also likes to plant more technical ground in an area with few bugs and beautiful scenery. Great earnings, minimal down time, and a long season in a fun camp 5 minutes out of town.

Liz_Rhodes_.jpgLiz Rhodes – Liz’s camp will be based out of PG on one of our long held contracts. Her season starts May 7th and will run until July 30th. The crew is tight knit, fast, fun and well organized to maximize you earning potential and experience. All of the work is direct award with historically solid earnings. The July plant campsite is on a lake (private land) 45 minutes from PG and we have the area to ourselves.


Jeremy Cameron – After Jeremy's crew is finished the BC coastal work his interior will run from May 7th to July 30th in PG and Stikine with our long held direct award client. A high percent of the staff are returning, the crew has a high component of coastal planters and the earnings are solid. It will be tent camp based with approximately 42 planters for the three months of interior work.


Jonas Plaumann – Jonas’s crew will be working out of the Kootenays on Direct Award contracts. He will be based in Creston, Crawford Bay and Fernie with predominantly local, home based planters. His season starts late April and runs into early / mid-July. Jonas will be ramping his crew size up this year to take on some of our East Kootenay work.


Lumi Faucher – Starting April 15th in Merritt BC, 3 hrs East of Vancouver, Lumi’s Camp will be working in the Okanagan for seven weeks in one camp site. His camp then moves to very their very reliable summer work in the Robson Valley PG area going out to late July. It’s a great season for people who are looking for a big spring/summer season with loads of day’s, solid earnings and reduced downtimes. Positions in that camp get snapped up fast!


Marc Robillard (Brushing) – Marc manages our brushing program in the SE Kootenays for our long held client in the region. Marc has been running brushing contracts for 20+ years and his crews are usually 1-2 trucks in size. If you are a brusher looking for a long season, he is a great option! Projects run from mid-May until early August (fire shutdown) with some options to pick up coastal fall work as part of a small crew.


Martin Schutter – Martin will be managing a segment of our east Kootenay work. This project is a combination of long held direct award contracts in the area, starting in late April, and running through to the end of June. Martin works out of a comfortable camp typically located near the town of Cranbrook. His project features excellent payouts and a high percentage of returning planters & staff working together in a fun, professional environment. 


Rainer Korn – Rainer’s crew will be returning to his long held Direct Award work in Fernie/ Sparwood area from mid-April to late June. Work will be based out of a tent camp, with some locals staying at home in Fernie. His crew features a high return rate of both planters and staff, minimal down time due to efficient organization, and a relaxed, professional, family environment.