What Equipment Do I Need?


For first year planters, there is a serious investment involved in gathering together everything you will need for the bush and in making your way to the contract.

It is not unusual for an inexperienced planter to spend $500-$1000 buying all the necessary equipment. Your best bet is to check out second hand stores and army surplus stores. But don’t be too cheap because you do want the big-ticket items (tent, sleeping bag, boots, shovel and bags) to last more than one season. Remember this is an investment that should last several planting seasons.

You are required to buy planting bags, a planting shovel, and steel toed boots. Depending on the requirements of a contract you may be required to purchase other equipment. In bush camp contracts you will need a tent and sleeping bag.

Note: Do not expect to buy anything once you arrive at the contract. Please bring everything you need with you. More information about this is available including store locations, equipment details etc., but since different projects have different requirements, you should confirm what you need after you are hired!