What is the Hiring Process?


How does our Hiring Process Work?

If you are returning to work with Brinkman, or have previous experience with a different company, simply fill in the experienced workers application found on the home page and menu. If you have a particular crew or location where you wish to work, note it on the application.

You can also apply for work if you are an inexperienced worker between January and May of each year. First gather as much information as you can – use this website and others to learn what you are applying for, and where you want to work. Then take the Tree Planting Quiz to see if you qualify to apply. After you have passed the quiz you will be able to fill in the inexperienced worker online application. 

What happens after I complete the application?

1. You will receive a pop-up confirmation on the website, and an email notice that your application has been received.

2. Applications are forwarded to the appropriate manager depending on your experience level and location request.

3. From January to May you can expect an update from someone within ONE WEEK of applying. Please reapply if you do not hear back within one week – your application may have not been processed. (Rare but it happens.)

4. Successful applicants will then go through our hiring process.

5. If you have questions, please email them to hiring@brinkman.ca.