Why Work for Us?

Every year we hire well over a thousand hard working and motivated people to plant, tend, and restore forests and other ecosystems across Canada.

We know that our employees are entirely responsible for our success, and we act accordingly. As a result, Brinkman has one of the highest return rates among tree planting companies. At B&A you will find a unique experience that balances a professional work environment with a lot of fun.

Brillant Camp Life >


Our camps are organized, fun and social. Brinkman’s cooks are top notch, providing you with lots of delicious, nourishing food that powers you up for the whole day. We establish comfortable, fully functional bush camps – hot showers are a necessity, not a luxury!


Excellent Earnings Potential >


We offer industry-leading payouts – excellent prices, appropriate for ground conditions. Our full-time payroll team makes sure you are paid every two weeks by direct deposit and they are always available to answer questions.

At B&A, the payroll structure is optimized to account for the unique nature of remote seasonal work. For many of our employees, the benefits of this pay structure translate into an additional $2000-$4000 of retained earnings over a full season of work, compared to what they might experience with other contractors.

And you will get paid! Brinkman is a diversified and well-financed company with a long-term vision. We’ve been around since the start, and we will be here well into the future.

Experienced Management >


Our supervisors and support staff are highly experienced. More industry experience means less downtime for you. Our supervisors have over 15 years experience on average.

Our forepersons are exclusively non-commission, and help create a fair and equitable working environment in terms of allocating land, quality control and ensuring time for training.

Our staff execute smart and efficient organization, which means the minimum of wasted time to make the most of your day, and leave more money in your pocket.

Quality Projects & Great Clients >


Because of our strong client relationships, reliable service and depth of industry knowledge we’re in a position to choose which contracts we want – and which we don’t. Most of our projects are with long-term clients who appreciate the level of quality we provide. For our workers this means excellent prices and known projects. We don’t underbid just to accumulate work.

We have many long-term direct-award and preferred-bid projects, which reduces the stress and confusion potential of unknown situations – ultimately increasing earnings.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Training >


Our training program is second to none. We want to get you up to speed as soon as possible – generally within 10 days of your arrival in camp. Brinkman provides excellent and extensive training to first year planters, as well as skills improvement coaching for experienced planters. We believe that everyone can work safer, better, faster and more efficiently with the right training and support.

A Safe & Healthy Work Environment >


Safety is not just something we talk about – we operate to the highest industry safety standards, while continuously advancing our programs accordingly. All our employees are trained in our systems to operate as qualified safe workers. We stand by our leading Health & Safety Program which guides us in providing a safe, injury-free workplace for everyone.

We prioritize reasonable and smart work hours, safe equipment and drivers, thorough training and a healthy camp environment.  Dedicated full-time staff focus on ensuring that our systems work in the field. We have our Certificate of Recognition, and were one of the first planting companies to attain our PIR (Partners in Injury Reduction) accreditation in Alberta.

Award-Winning Safety Program – We take your safety very seriously: our staff are trained with a Standard First Aid Certificate; our camps have a First Aid Representative and a Safety Representative; our Emergency Response Program is updated regularly; our drivers are required to complete our Designated Driver Program. Brinkman’s OH&S program has been recognized by the WSIB.

Reasonable Working Hours >


Brinkman usually works three days on and one day off – a work schedule that has proved to be the most productive, as well as the one least likely to result in planter injury. This means you will have the energy reserves to work a longer season and make more money.

Depending on the contract, logistics or client requirements, sometimes we will work extra days, longer hours, or a different schedule than three days on and one day off is required.

Lots of Work Available >


As the only company that operates tree planting projects in Ontario, Alberta and BC, we can offer experienced workers extended seasons through easy mobility between regions, and lots of work available – planting and otherwise! We can accommodate workers’ schedules, whether they want a 130-day season, or just one short contract.